What MJ-XMR Has Been Working On – A Layman’s Guide

mj-xmr is a Monero developer who started working on the project in May 2020. Since then he has had 3 CCS work proposals funded – the most recent one was just fully funded. As a passionate outside observer, I like...

/ November 17, 2021

Are Ledger and Trezor seeds cross-compatible for Monero? No.

So, you have a Ledger (or Trezor) seed, and you want to use it with a Trezor (or vice-versa, a Ledger). Will your old seed work in the other device, in order to recover your Monero keys? Answer: No Unfortunately,...

/ October 31, 2021

Doge coin emission rate – and how it compares to Monero

Doge has gone from a joke, to quite an expensive asset. As a Monero fan, it was interesting to see another coin with a perpetual emission rate gain traction. Specifically, Doge’s emission rate is 10,000 new coins every block (Doge...

/ May 13, 2021

Pomp Recommended Books – Bitcoin Focused

In a recent interview with Lex Fridman, Anthony Pompliano (Pomp) described the books he found useful when learning about Bitcoin. Whilst I don’t agree with everything Pomp says, I do find his ideas interesting, so have made an effort to...

/ April 16, 2021

If Bitcoin eats the world… where does Monero fit in?

This post questions what happens to Monero in a world where Bitcoin dominates. Does Monero still have a place, or does it become irrelevant?

/ April 6, 2021

Money is Time

This post looks at the concept of money representing people's time, and therefore why it's important supply of money is not unduly inflated.

/ April 5, 2021

Growing demand for digital privacy and how it might affect Monero

This post looks at how demand for 'digital privacy' is growing, and how that might affect a privacy preserving technology like Monero.

/ April 3, 2021

Monero Stock to Flow (S2F) Calculated

This post looks at what stock to flow is, why it's important, and what Monero's stock to flow is compared to Gold and Bitcoin.

/ January 25, 2021

The internet arms race, and the need for resilience

This post covers my thought process on why 'Resilience' is more important than ever in our rapidly changing world + why money is key to this.

/ January 19, 2021