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Hi, and welcome to the blog. There is also a Twitter and YouTube.

The blog is written with the idea in mind that we’re living through a time of exponential technological progress – which can cause a lot of upheaval to our way of life.

We can’t change the circumstances we live in, however we can position ourselves to be more resilient in the face of constant change. I’ve elaborated on this idea further in the blog post: the internet arms race, and the need for resilience.

There are many ways to be resilient. One of the most useful tools is, unsurprisingly, money. Its ability to procure goods and services globally is unparalleled.

For that reason, the current focus of the blog is an internet based cryptocurrency called Monero.

I focus on it because, so far, it’s the best project I’ve come across to achieve privacy, fungibility and scaleability on a Bitcoin-like blockchain.

It’s also actively being developed and upgraded, and doesn’t feel ossified (stuck) like Bitcoin on-chain development seems to be.

That said, I’m not against Bitcoin by any means. I’m still actively following the project and testing out new developments (such as Lightning). I genuinely hope Bitcoin can eventually implement strong privacy on-chain.

However, in the meantime, Monero is the leader in properties such as on-chain privacy, fungibility and scalability.

If the subject resonates, I hope you’ll find something of interest on the blog, either now or in the future.

Thanks for dropping by!



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