Doge has gone from a joke, to quite an expensive asset. As a Monero fan, it was interesting to see another coin with a perpetual emission rate gain traction.

Specifically, Doge’s emission rate is 10,000 new coins every block (Doge blocks are every 1 minute), forever.

This is in contrast to Bitcoin, where the there is a max emission of 21 million coins, after which no more will be created.

Below I’ve mapped out how the emission rate looks for the next 20 years for Monero and Doge.

And then for the next 100 years…

Despite Doge’s inflation rate starting off much higher than Monero’s, it’s notable that, over a long enough time period, they end up closer together, and both sub 1%.

The spreadsheet used for the calculations can be found here – see the tab named “XMR vs DOGE Annual Increase”.

Sharing just in case anyone else is curious about this.

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