These videos cover downloading and verifying the files on MacOS + the basics of setting up and using the Monero CLI.

  • Video 1 – How to download Monero and Verify the Binary on MacOS
  • Video 2 – How to Setup the Monero CLI, use a Local or Remote Node, and Create a Wallet on MacOS

Video 1

Here we go through the process of verifying your Monero download (CLI or GUI).

Typically when downloading files you trust the source, and thus don’t verify… but because with Monero you’re handling digital currency, it’s critical to be sure the application hasn’t been co-opted before you use it.

If it was co-opted… then you could end up losing your funds!

We run through verifying a GPG signed file with SHA256 hashes. Then using the verified hashed to compare against the file you’ve downloaded.

Once that’s done, you can feel more secure in using your downloaded file.

Video 2

Once you’ve covered the steps in video 1 (above), the next steps this video covers are:

  • Setting up the Monero Daemon to sync your local node
  • Security measures to be aware of if you want to instead connect to a remote node
  • How to connect to a remote node
  • How to create a wallet and issue some basic, but useful commands to the CLI

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